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Andrea Waldo

Andrea began eventing in 1993 and has trained horses through the Intermediate level; her goal is to compete at the Advanced Level. She has been teaching riding and horsemanship since 1996. While she enjoys having her students compete, Andrea most loves to see students of all levels become confident, competent riders and have a great time in the process. She actively pursues her own learning by training regularly with Scott Keach, John Bourgoin, and Lindle Sutton, as well as attending clinics and seminars whenever possible.


While pursuing her riding career, Andrea was also a licensed psychotherapist for 18 years.  After closing her practice in December 2011, she started the StressLess Riding Program, a sport psychology coaching program for riders.  She teaches workshops and coaches riders individually in simple, practical techniques to help them gain greater confidence, focus and success in the saddle.


The StressLess Riding Program was developed by Andrea Waldo. The program teaches creative, practical mental strategies and skills to help riders move past their fears and toward a calm, focused mindset.  Riders become more confident and successful in the saddle, and riding becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling.  Isn’t this why we ride in the first place?


StressLess Riding draws on techniques and knowledge from Sport Psychology, Solution-Oriented Therapy, Neuropsychology and classical riding. But what really matters is that it helps you as the rider to reach your goals and dreams in the saddle…without ever making you feel stupid for being afraid or telling you to “just relax”!


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